Frosty Pines Wilderness Education Program is a non-profit organization created by individuals who have a deep love and respect for the wilderness and the life that thrives beyond the fence at the edge of town.

More and more, convenience in our daily lives separates us from the natural world.  Studies have shown the dramatic effects that video games, TV and the Internet have on our children and our family lives.  Recent movements to preserve what we have for the future have led us back to our roots and people are beginning to realize the importance of a connection with nature.  Children are inherently curious about everything including nature.  We have found that when you take a child outdoors to explore to their hearts content their imagination blossoms and they find a sense of self that shines into other areas of their lives.  The power of nature truly is limitless!

Frosty Pines became a reality after experiencing the positive changes that being outside and learning from all that nature has to offer had on our family.  Knowing that there is a large number of families that would love to connect with the natural world, but just don't know where to start, was a huge factor in developing our programs.  Not only does Frosty Pines Wilderness Education Program take you outdoors, we teach children and families how to enjoy the environment around them while having a positive impact, in order to sustain our public and private lands for future generations to enjoy.


Tom Molinelli President/Wilderness Guide



Marcie Morgan Executive Director/Wilderness Instructor



Frosty Pines Wilderness Education Program is a fully guided, hands on learning experience for children and adults in a natural setting through outdoor exploration, advanced camping and survival skills and fun filled recreational activities, that promote responsible stewardship for the natural world by understanding how to lessen pollution and human impact on the environment.

Our goal is to cultivate an awareness of endangered species, native plants and animals and bodies of water in order to gain an understanding of the conservation of land and our natural resources for future generations.

Through these teachings we hope to provide knowledge that will enable children to put these skills to use in their everyday lives and encourage creativity, self-reliance, leadership, teamwork, a love and respect for nature and positive alternative outlets, as well as living a sustainable life in harmony with the planet.

" a preemptive teach the American people how to enjoy the wilderness without destroying it. All other methods merely try to repair the damage after it is done. Stronger wilderness education programs would dramatically decrease the need for law enforcement and cleanup." - James Bradley, former staff member, Subcommittee on National Parks and Public Lands, U.S. House of Representatives