Frosty Pines Wilderness Education Program is an Environmental Education and Nature Awareness program that uses the outdoors as a classroom for teaching children about various eco-systems and the connection of all things on Earth to one another.

  • We use a variety of teaching styles that allow the children to use their imagination freely to explore and learn about the world around them in order to promote an individual connection with the natural world.
  • We use a wonderful variety of art, music, story-telling and other crafts in our classes and workshops.

Your generosity can make a difference!


When you donate to Frosty Pines Wilderness Education Program, you are supporting quality long-term mentoring programs that truly make a difference. People will only protect and care for nature if they have intimate knowledge and relationship with the inhabitants of their own back yards whether it be wilderness or little wild pockets in the city. Frosty Pines programs help people develop an intimate relationship with nature by:

  • Mentoring the children directly through workshops, Community School Programs, and local and regional community events.

  • Supporting our Scholarship Funds that allow participants to explore our classes and events as well as other local and regional programs offered by other organizations.

  • Supporting our regional communities in developing their own mentoring network and programs.

  • Helping our staff and volunteers develop their mentoring skills so we may reach even more children, including children in your town.

If you value the work of Frosty Pines, if you support our mission, and if programming of Frosty Pines has touched your heart and affected your life now is the time to recognize the value of our mission.

Please join with the board of directors and the staff as we each give so that the school may continue this vital work with our children, in our communities and in the world.

Frosty Pines is currently in need of donations in order to aquire arts & crafts supplies, nature based books and acoustic musical instruments.  If you have questions about more specific items please call or email Marcie at:  970-884-9963 or

Frosty Pines also has a number of Special Projects in the works. If you are seriously interested in making a generous financial donation to further Environmental Education and Nature Connection for the youth please contact Marcie at: or call 970-884-9963 for a detailed list of current and future projects in need of funding.

Feel Free To Make Your Donation Via PayPal Below Or Send To:

Frosty Pines Wilderness Education Program


14344 County Rd. 501 Bayfield, Co 81122

Also check out our NATURE STORE where 10% of your purchase helps support our programs

We are greatly appreciative of your interest in Frosty Pines and support of our efforts to provide this valueable program to the children of Southwest Colorado!


Your Contribution Is For Unrestricted Use In Our Program And A Portion May Qualify As Tax Deductable On Your Federal Income Tax Return.  Please visit IRS.GOV or Ask Your Tax Professional For Advise.