Full Workshop Series July 8TH-August 2nd  Mon.-Fri. 9AM-3PM

Weekly Sessions also now available!!!

Summer Workshop Series Limited to 24 Children Per Week AGES 7 -16

*Bus Transportation From Bayfield @ Eagle Park and Durango @ Santa Rita Park Included*


WEEK 1 __July 8th-July 12th______________THE LAND_____________

MON:   Movie - homestead life and western heritage- tour of village - village rules & safety - special guest Mrs.Camps Town Ladies & Gents including other friends -  sustainable living , heritage gardening & pathways - kids make map of Frontier Village & wooden signs

TUE:    Bear safety (BearSmart Durango) - food & wild animals - Splitting into groups & teams - team assignments -covered wagon - The Hug & Kiss Sisters Horse Riding Tricks & Show - horse tales (story-teller) - games    

WED:   Pottery or jewelery making - arts & crafts like sand painting - chickens & cows arrive- cooking - smoking meat - root cellars - pioneer & dutch oven recipies

THURS:   Blacksmithing Workshop with special guest - fire & forge safety - frontier games - crafts & traditional story-telling

FRI:    Intro to horses & equestrian safety - Horse rides with special guests Jennifer Penko and Amanda Williamson.   


WEEK 2 _ July 15th - July 19th______THE WATER___

MON:  Gold panning - history of mining in the Rockies - prospecting & period specific tools & methods- safety  -  deeds & claims - monetary value - water safety  -  dehydration & hypothermia - basic first aid

TUES:  Wild crafted teas with special guest Deb Buck - day hiking and trail safety - wild herbs & medicinal plants of Colorado - fresh water ecology - water pollution  - finding, cleaning & storing water - garden tending 

 WED:   Mocaccins & leather crafts - leather works with special guest Buffalo Barb clothing - sewing -  period specific clothing (ongoing Tue-Fri)

THURS:   Bark boat river races - crafting - dip candle making - games - traditional story telling

FRI:   Fly-fishing with special guest from Trout Unlimited Ty Churchwell -  Native American fishing techniques - craft hooks from wood & bone - spears & fish traps - fly-tying


WEEK 3     July 22nd-July 26th                        THE FOREST___________________

MON - Intro to Primitive Archery & Safety - special guest bowyers - woodworking safety - arrow making - flint knaping .    &   Forest Health and Fire Ecology   - Missionary Ridge class - stories


TUES: Primitive Archery Workshop - bow making -special guest Justin Jackson - target practice & safety . - decorate your bow/free time   &   Forest Health and FireEcology Missionary Ridge class - stories  

WED: Primitive Archery Workshop continued - primitive trapper camp - animal tracking & casting trapping - snares history & life of a trapper & effects on the animal populations of the forest  



THURS:   Wild edible plants & flowers with special guest Katrina Blair of Turtle Lake Refuge Durango   - preserving & drying foods - natural dyes/ink & crafting                   

FRI:  - Pine needle & Willow baskets traditional to the Cherokee & Southern Ute cultures - free time -games - music - drums - guitars - harmonicas



WEEK 4       July 29th-August 2nd               __THE PEOPLE__

MON:  Native American heritage and culture  - story telling with special guest - drum circle -Sheep arrive - intro to fiber arts with special guest Pam Ramsey from La Plata Farms - Navajo Weaving- knitting & weaving crafts                 

TUES:   Primitive shelters & staying dry  - rope & journal making workshop - ancient fire crafts - Native American crafts & games

WED:   Trade & barter system- Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad history - Buckskin Charlie and local Chiefs-  traditional story telling - crafts & games                            

THURS:    Southern Ute Cultural Museum field trip - trade wares              


FRI:    Frontier Village Party for all who attended and their families









august 10th: the children of frontier land have been invited to a special day in durango as guests to true west rail fest. this day includes a private tour of the train yard and the world single action quick draw tournament. the children must attend dressed in their handmade frontier outfits and be prepared for photos with true west magazine. Visit: TRUEWEST RAILFEST for infoTRUE WEST RAILFEST 2012