"In this high-tech world of the 21st Century, America’s children are growing up almost completely disconnected from the natural environment around them.  Far too many children never see the Milky Way Galaxy nor understand the connection between all living things.  Tom Molinelli and the staff at Frosty Pines Wilderness Education Program are insistent on preventing that from happening.  For this, we applaud them.  Whether it’s teaching a kid to fly fish, rolling a river cobble over to observe an aquatic insect or assisting Parks & Wildlife with their trout restocking efforts, Tom is performing a vital function in the lives of young people   Trout Unlimited finds great value in youth education and in Tom we've found an energetic and committed partner."

Ty Churchwell
Trout Unlimited
Five Rivers Chapter-Durango


"We were so excited to find Frosty Pines Wilderness Education Program on the internet.  Our son was interested in learning more about the outdoors and Frosty Pines was a perfect match.  He started off with learning how to track animals and fly fish.  Later he learned important survival skills during the winter months and finished up his year with attending Frosty Pines Frontier Village Camp.  During this time, Tom and Marcie were patient, kind and served as great role models for our son.  He blossomed personally and academically with a new confidence in himself as a result of Frosty Pines Program and is thrilled with his new friendships he has made with other Frosty Pines attendees."

Sems/Spangler Family - Durango, Co


"Frosty Pines summer programs were great for my 13 yr. old Grandson. He learned about pioneer topics,
developed some healthy friendships and was constructively supported by the Frosty Pines Staff.

Ed Simons ( Mr. Ed ) - Durango, Co