Frosty Pines Wilderness Education Program is currently accepting new volunteer applications.  If you love the outdoors and have a desire to share your knowledge of nature with others or have a desire to learn, we would like to have you join our team of Naturalists.   No prior experience is required, just a love for nature and desire to connect with nature and teach others.

All volunteers will be working with children therefore the following requirements are strictly adhered to and all steps must be completed before becoming a volunteer with Frosty Pines.

Volunteer Requirements:

1. Potential candidates are required to complete our Volunteer Packet and participate in a volunteer training day.

2. The Volunteer must complete a waiver for background clearance.  Provide a copy of your driver's license.  

3. Provide proof of CPR/First Aid Certification if you have it.

We select volunteers for placement based on availability, time commitment, interests, and skills.

We are currently accepting volunteers that are available a minimum of 1 day per week Mon-Sat 9am-4:00pm.

Volunteers for Frontier Village are needed and we would like to have regular volunteer participation for the entire camp or weekly sessions.

Volunteers are essential to the camp experience. Volunteers develop their own leadership skills while having as much fun as the children! They connect with & mentor children, experience the outdoors and make friends.  If interested please email: to request an application.  Advance registration required for Volunteer Training Orientation. 

Who can participate?

  • Students age of 17 & up.
  • College Students
  •  Housewives
  •   Freelancers
  •   Nature Lovers
  •   Naturalists
  •   Trekking Enthusiasts


Upcoming Volunteer Training Dates:  June 18th 2012       9am-12pm    OR      5pm-8pm


                                                             June  20th 2012       9am-12pm    OR      5pm-8pm

Please choose 1 date and time that best fits your schedule

Location: Frontier Village


Please email Marcie at: with questions or to get involved.